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I'm a motion designer, I'm a 3d designer, I'm a motion designer

A freelancer that can make your ideas real

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I am interested in everything that sorround me.

my name is walter de rosa

I am a motion designer and a 3d designer from Salerno (Italy)

Curious and dynamic I like to follow the new trends of communication.

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main skills

3d modeling and animation
graphic design
editorial design

What I can do

A former owner of my own graphic design agency,

I now work as a freelancer, still doing motion graphics, 3d modelling and animations.

I am a font lover and I like to play with them on edited clip to do promo and interview.

My stylistic choice is joining 3d animations with motion graphic and pairing it all with stylish music to do commercial.



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Walter De Rosa | freelancer.

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  • mobile : +39 392 671 0589

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Experiences, Collaborations and more.

my Employment

Experiences and collaborations



I have been an agency owner. I have made a wide range of projects and with different styles. I have done dtp, print adverts, branding as well as motion designing and 3d graphics.

Editorial Graphic Designer

Since 1996

In 1996 I started working as an editorial graphic designer for daily papers. Since 2003 I have been working for the largest Italian publishing group, namely "Gruppo L'Espresso"

3D Generalist

Since 2003

As a freelancer I have also done, for companies and customers, 3d modelling of objects and scenes. Also I have done 3d animations and compositing.

Graphic and Motion Designer

Since 2003

As freelancer I have also done, for agencies and customers, print adverts, logos, branding. Editing audio/video and motion graphics for promo products, corporate video and commercials.

Do you have a new idea or interesting project and you want to get started ?
Feel free to get in touch with me.

/ portfolio

My latest jobs.

check out my work

3d Graphics. Logo, Branding, Print Adverts. Motion Graphics.

  • Sincero
    3D Design

  • Juice
    3D Design

  • Loft
    3D Design

  • New York
    3D Design

  • Living
    3D Design

  • Work Place
    3D Design

  • Propaganda
    3D Design

  • Maserati GT
    3D Design

  • WDR logo
    Graphic Design

  • HeartDay Tribute
    Graphic Design

  • Logo Selection
    Graphic Design

  • Testata Napoli tabloid
    Graphic Design

  • Logo Fortnightly Napoli
    Graphic Design

  • Piramide
    Graphic Design

  • Romanzo Collettivo
    Graphic Design

  • Income NFC
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • MotionCV
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Il Rosso
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Income
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • VW Tuareg
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • SFS
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Inky opener
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Masonry Liquid Promo
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Masonry Glitch Promo
    Animations | Motion Graphics

  • Maserati GT Animation
    Animations | Motion Graphics

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